The Story of Jerry Carney

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jerry Carney (born Eugene Gerard Lynam in Castlepollard, 6/11/60)

Our Mothers were single and pregnant (From 1939 - 1972), they were taken to these homes to have their child.
The mothers were first told that they could not keep their name, the mother superior gave them all new names.
They were to be referred to as penitant. They were sinners. They Worked 12 hours or more each day and never received pay for their work. The work was hard or cruel especially when you think they had to do it up to the time they went into labor. Many girls died in the labor process, the rule was that no stitches, pain relief, or antibiotics would ever be used, no more wasted on this wretched sinners, this was the price they might have to pay to God for their sinful ways. As they went through the pains of labor, the Nuns reminded them often how this pain was price
of the few fleeting moments of pleasure they may have had before getting pregnant! The Nuns went out of their way to be always cruel, there was no relief for these girls! After giving birth, these girls were to stay and care for their child until they were adopted. We were marked as babies that were to leave the country. Our Adoption arrangements were done here in the united States by Angels Guardian, a group formed by the Sister of Mercy in this country.
They also hold many of our records at this place in Brooklyn, New York. Large amounts of money were expected to be donated to these orders for our adoption. So the good Sisters made money from these adoptions, lots of it infact just from this source alone.
Now none of the Children were ever adopted before the age of two, there is a reason why,
first it cost nothing to keep us since they had our birth mothers taking care of us, still working 12 hours a day by the way and with no pay; secondly was the fact that the Irish Government gave the good Nuns money for the care of each child until the age of two. You can see why they would not adopt a newborn then, this money would be passed up if they did! Yet there was another income that could be had, these children which accounted for nothing in their eyes could be
used inj human experimenting of Vaccines, the drug companies paid them well, and the Irish Government kept a blind eye to what was happening. Even better was that if the vaccine caused deaths, no one would know because the good Nuns could just very easily dispose of the bodies in unmarked graves. Mothers that did not survive or that may have come to an end due to abuse could also be easily discarded without any investigation of wrong doing or criminal process. This is the Banished Baby Story!! Tell the world about it and please help us go after anyone that is guilty of criminal acts!


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